The technology

LIOFERON®-TB/LTBI  is designed to work with Lioferon® Stimulation tubes

Tube TB A contains antigens known to be missing in BCG (green cap)
Tube TB B contains a proprietary Lionex antigen of CD8+ epitopes known to be missing in BCG (blue cap)
Mitogen, Positive Control (black cap)
Negative Control, for background adjustment (white cap)

Innovative and patented technology

LIOFERON® Stimulation tubes contain full-length antigens that elicit both CD8+ and CD4+ T cell responses, enabling a more accurate assessment of cell-mediated immune response to TB infection [1].
Tube A and Tube B are distinct and contain individual and independent full-length proteins, ensuring better discrimination of positive and negative results (indeterminate results are reduced to 2%).

[1] World Health Organization (2017) Global tuberculosis report 2017,