BC 2800

BC-20s is a compact, fully automatic hematology analyzer with 19 parameters for CBC test and micro sampling technology.
The user-friendly interface facilitates an easy and efficient workflow.


  • Fully automated, compact and cost effective
  • 3-part differentiation of WBC; 19 parameters+3 histograms
  • Throughput: 40 samples per hour
  • Up to 200000 sample results (including histograms) can be stored
  • Cyanide free HGB analysis method
  • 3 counting modes: All parameters, WBC/HGB, RBC/PLT
  • Built-in thermal recorder, optional external printer
  • Large color LCD display
  • 9 µl of sample (blood)

Ideal for small laboratories:

  • High performance
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Throughput up to 30 tests/hour
  • Compact size
  • Microvolume of sample and reagents
  • Automatic maintenance

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.