Menasoft: Software for results management

System for the management of results of sample processed on instruments for the analysis of glycohaemoglobins and other haemoglobin fractions.

  • Totally graphic and user-friendly environment.
  • Simultaneous connection of several analysers.
  • Bidirectional connection with the laboratory's IT system.
  • Computing format backup of results and controls (CD, DVD, Pen drive, etc.).
  • Real-time information on sample and results status.
  • Multitasking system which allows you to work in any point of the program as you receive the results from the analyser which are sent automatically to the host, or providing the possibility of activation of the prior validation module.
  • User-personalised filters.
  • Quality management system of controls, Levy Jenings graphics, control graphics, histograms, etc.
  • Sorting of samples by date, sequence or ID.
  • Unidentified sample, repeat ID alarm.
  • Adapted to the accreditation standards of clinical analysis laboratories.