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ZENIT PRIME is the brand new A. Menarini Diagnostics random access system in chemiluminescence (CLIA) for the Autoimmunity Laboratory with a full panel of reagents and advanced features.


  • Throughput up to 120 tests/hour
  • Walk away system (8h, 1000 tests)
  • Continuous loading and random access to samples, specific and common reagents and consumables


  • 126 on-board samples
  • Refrigerated sample area
  • Sample pipetting with disposable tip (no carry-over)
  • Sample barcode identification


  • 25 on-board test set
  • Automatic cap/decap system for reagent cartridge
  • Refrigerated reagents area
  • Dynamic acquisition/storage of specific reagents info on RFID tag
  • Common reagents barcode identification


  • Friendly and intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) with touch screen
  • Complete traceability ensured
  • QC data management by Levy-Jennings charts and Westgard rules
  • Remote access through internet connection
  • Online troubleshooting and software update
  • LIS/middleware connection

Manufacturer: Technogenetics srl