• Software for the management of glycaemia values obtained with the Glucocard series meters.
  • Four different versions for use by healthcare professionals and patients.


  • Software for downloading, by USB or serial connection, glycaemia values from the A. Menarini Diagnostics meters:
    • Glucocard G+ meter
    • Glucocard G meter
    • Glucocard Memory PC
  • The functionalities of the program change according to the version used:
    • Linear chart for a given period of time.
    • Accumulation of data of a time period in a linear chart of 24 hours.
    • Bar chart with data distribution according to accomplishment of objectives.
    • Data statistics for different time periods.
    • Add events to the downloaded glucose value.
    • Hard copy glucose value report.
    • Create tables and graphics for the monitoring of other diabetes control parameters.
    • Personalised information and report configuration.
    • Multilingual program.
  • Four different versions:
    • For use by healthcare professionals:
      • Menadiab Professional: Designed to work with a high number of glycaemia values from multiple meters and generate joint statistics for the whole data base.
      • Menadiab Fast: Designed to generate a fast graphic and statistical report without saving historic data.
      • Menadiab QC: Designed for the monitoring and control of the operation of the meters distributed in a health centre.
    • For use by patients:
      • Menadiab Patient: Designed for patient self-monitoring of glucose values.

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