Menarini Diagnósticos, S.A.’s Integrated Management System Policy as a distributor of Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices in Spain, and located in Badalona:

Menarini Diagnósticos, S.A. regards quality and environmental protection as key elements in the performance of its activities and therefore provides the resources required for the appropriate implementation of the Integrated Management System (Quality and Environment, IMS).

The organisation advocates that its activity be compatible with sustainable development and appropriate to its context; therefore, the Management has issued the following guidelines and objectives:

  • Develop and regularly review the IMS policy, objectives, targets and indicators, and provide the resources required to achieve these so that Menarini Diagnósticos, S.A. can continuously improve the quality of its services and its environmental performance.
  • Determine and address the risks and opportunities associated with the IMS in order to ensure that the system in place is effective, taking into account the internal and external stakeholders and the whole life cycle.
  • Promote efficient internal and external communication between the different stakeholders in relation to the IMS. 
  • Maximise customer satisfaction with the service offered and the quality of the products supplied.
  • Carry out regular reviews and audits of the IMS to ensure its appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency. Determine the actions required to ensure continuous improvement of the IMS and its effectiveness.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to all products it distributes.
  • Focus all activities on customer needs in order to meet them quickly and efficiently.
  • Consolidate relations with suppliers to ensure that our customers receive high-value products that are safe, reliable and satisfy their needs. 
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with the legal requirements established by the Menarini Group for all areas (Compliance, Code of Conduct, General data protection regulation, Antitrust, procedures, guidelines and similar).
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with the environmental legal requirements that apply to its activities, and those relating to energy consumption and efficiency, as applicable. Minimise the impact of significant environmental aspects identified.
  • Identify, assess and review the environmental aspects of the processes carried out at the Badalona plant on a regular basis.
  • Continue to optimise the management of waste generated within the Organisation. Promote the reuse, recycling and recovery of waste among the company’s staff.
  • Minimise the environmental impact of water, fuel and energy consumption by optimising their use.
  • Inform, train and motivate the staff in matters relating to the environment, quality and the workplace. Inform the staff about environmental considerations concerning their activities.
  • The Policy is distributed to all staff in the organisation and to persons who carry out activities on its behalf; it is also available to the relevant stakeholders on request. 

 Both the Management and staff are responsible for the proper and effective implementation of the Integrated Management System guidelines and objectives.

Joaquim Carreras
General Manager
Date, April 2022
(Rev. 21).

The scope of the system in relation to Quality Management for ISO 9001:2015 and Environmental Management for ISO 14001:2015 is as follows:
Distribution, sale, storage and provision of technical services for Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices.